Briquette product is not new to many people now, but do you know the disadvantages of the straw briquette maker, there has been 2 kinds of briquette makers developed-the horizontal one and downward one, they are also known by the name of flat die and ring die briquette maker, both of them has adopted the design of one layer of discharge hole, while this kind of design now has been found with the following disadvantages:

It would be difficult to increase the yield of the machine and manufacture large scale briquette machine would be hard to realize. When the size of the discharge hole is set, the number of the hole is decided by the diameter of the ring die, when more holes are required for the higher yield, the ring die size would be too big to be produced with lower cost, the characteristics of the die part is affected. 
The disproportion of the feeding tunnel and the total area of the discharge holes would cause jams in the briquette production, it can be told that with the diameter of the ring die increased, and the disproportion situation would get worse.

In the view of mechanics, with the larger ring die part, more power would be consumed. This is an obstacle for reducing the power consumption is one aim for developing larger scale machines.
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