Shisha Charcoal Briquetting Machine

This shisha charcoal briquetting machine is applicable for making small round tablets from charcoal dust. The output briquette is in high density, perfect shape, good appearance. Meanwhile, it is easy for combustion, no smell and last longer when burning.

Model: GCZ26
Dies(sets): 40
Max pressure(kN): 100
Dia. of Tablet (mm): 10-60
Thickness. of Tablet (mm): 5-16
Max. Production capacity:(tablets/hour): 21000
Moisture of charcoal dust before pessing: 6%
Overall size(mm) : 1100×940×1800
Motor(kW): 7.5
Main machine weight(kg): 1800

Shisha charcoal briquetting machine
Shisha charcoal
Shisha Charcoal Briquetting Machine
Shisha Charcoal


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Shisha Charcoal Making Machine (hydraulic)

Shisha Charcoal Briquette machine is designed for making shisha charcoal from charcoal dust.
1、High-performance hydraulic propelling device allows briquettes to be good density, smooth surface.
2、Customized shapes
3、Equipped with automatic cutter,different length available
4、The output briquettes are easy for combustion, no smell and last longer when burning.

Model: GC-SCM-300
Capacity: 300Kg/h(dried)
Power: 4+1.5+0.5KW
Weight: 1500kg
Dimension: 4500*2500*700

Shisha charcoal machine
Shisha Charcoal Making Machine
Electric Control Cabinet
Shisha charcoal shisha charcoal
Shisha Charcoal Stick Shisha Charcoal Strip

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