What is coal ball briquetting technology?

Coal ball briquetting technology means using the physical pressure power to process the powder form coal into larger fuel blocks which have the same shape.

Coal ball briquetting start

The idea of coal ball briquetting tech was first thought by William Easby in 1845, there is only 1 request in the patent protection clause, process all kinds of coal powder into larger blocks, the advantages of this technology is that the useless materials can be made into fine fuel which will be used in ships, forge, cooking and other fields, this is the earliest written material of the briquetting technology, but it is only a conception, there is no details of the technology, it is only after 50 years that this idea had come to reality.

America is the first country in the world that has the complete technology, after the second world war start, and the cheap petroleum and gas was promoted, the production of coal ball briquette is 6 million tons per year.

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