Making fuel briquette by yourself at home is more and more popular now, the beginners always have to go though several fails, a few of them would make briquette with high quality, since not everyone has the enough knowledge and instinct in briquette making, to make briquette press plan seems necessary, if you have someone around you who has the successful experience of making briquette, ask them for some advices, and search for the briquette making on the internet for the best and latest info people are sharing on their blogs, facebook, and all kinds of forums.

Generally, one thing you should consider is the what kind of equipment you are going to use, many people would like to make the briquette press by themselves, while the thought of try something new is more likely to cost you a few days, follow the successful cases of others is not a bad idea. The other thing is the formula of the briquette, the characteristics of the raw materials are different, so is your formula. Collect large quantities of wood waste at one time or buy them at cheap price. One good thing about briquette making at home is that you can decide the shape and size of the briquette. These are the basic steps for beginners, if you would like to know more info about briquette production, check other pages of our website now.